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Does your credit card statement show MageeNET as the merchant? That's because we handle credit card sales - merchandise, memberships and ticket sales - for a variety of wonderful clients. Check out our Shopping Mall to see who they are.

Business e-ssentials

Identity, communication, commerce, delivery, and up-to-the-minute financial status are all key to success in business.

Check out our new Direct Email Connection, available as a feature when you use our Exchange Server and Mailing List services. Read more here.


With our Hosted Exchange Server 2000 services, you will enjoy all of the benefits of the email server used by many of the world's largest organizations. Use shared calendars, contacts, and information folders to run your business more effectively.
Visit the David Rea web site

Web Site

Your web site must effectively present your business. We will design, implement, and maintain a marketing-oriented custom site for you or you may simply use our infrastructure to host your own.

We have developed sites for commercial and non-profit organizations, and for individual musicians and writers. Visit our latest musician's web site honoring singer/songwriter/guitarist David Rea: David Rea - Musician.

Check out a demo and our new self-service mailing list application. For features only, click here or read all the detail here.

Mailing List Manager (MLM)

Communication with your customers and prospects is paramount for a growing business. Our mailing list services provide hands-free data collection and uniquely addressed, selectively targeted email generation so your email will not look like broadcast spam. You mailing list can be synchronized with a shared Exchange Server folder so that your sales and support staff are always working with a single up-to-date view of your customer information.

Online Sales

From a single item on a single "Order Online" page to thousands of products in an easily searched database, MageeNET has an Online Store solution for you. Low volume merchants may use our shared Internet Merchant account. Higher volume and value merchants may use their own. Fulfillment services are also available to ease your operational burden.

Accounting Applications

There is a big leap in cost and staffing when an organization must move beyond a single-user, desktop accounting package to a shared solution. The cost of the software is just the beginning. The training, implementation, hardware, backup procedures, and so on all follow. Our hosted solutions are supported by experienced professionals who have done it before. They will advise you on the accounting implementation and train you online as you begin to use your new system. You will be able to give your financial advisor online access to your system, saving travel time and schedule coordination.

IT Infrastructure Support and Application Development

All of these services are delivered from robust and redundant datacenter facilities with network connectivity exceeding that of most Fortune 1000 companies. You can take advantage of this infrastructure to deliver your applications with the same high standards you will expect from our applications, for any size application on a shared or dedicated platforms. If you have existing infrastructure in need of review and improvement, we will apply our expertise to that whether or not you are a candidate for our other services. For your new or existing applications, we will provide architecture, design, implementation, integration, and maintenance services.

Proactive Support - 24x365

We honed our network and system management capabilities supporting the global applications of some of the world's foremost organizations. We want to know before you call when one of our services is not available. Standby servers and round the clock staffing will help us restore services quickly. We know that availability statistics are only useful when everything is working as expected. When your service is not working for you or your customers, anyone required in our organization is available to diagnose the problem and restore the service.

Business H-e-adaches

Unfortunately, these support functions can easily consume more attention than your primary business functions. Let MageeNET deal with these while you deal with your business.

IT Management Responsibility

Staff, consultants, vendors, and service providers all take time as well as money. And if you are not an expert in technology, you never know who to believe. MageeNET provides a single interface focused on delivering results for you and your business.

Upfront Expenditures

Less than one-half of major IT projects are delivered on time and within budget. It does not matter how much you spend on hardware, software, staff, consultants or anything else intended to help. The best way we know to avoid these perils is to make use of services that are already in production and that you can use for the cost of a monthly subscription fee.

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